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6 places with delicious Fastelavnboller in Copenhagen

You don't need fancy dress to enjoy Fastelavn. You can also celebrate the occasion by sinking your teeth into the best bun of the season, fastelavnsboller.

Even though Fastelavn itself is celebrated on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, the first fastelavnsboller buns start appearing in Copenhagen patisseries early in the new year. Their roots date back to the Middle Ages, when people got ready for the fasting and ashes of Lent and meatless times by getting dressed up, having fun and eating sweet things.

Even though fasting was abandoned with the Reformation, dressing up and eating sweet things remains. And as with all food associated with a particular festive celebration, opinions differ on what is genuine and what is fake news. 

This is also the case with fastelavnsboller. Many bakeries sell “traditional fastelavnsboller”, a yeast dough bun filled with cream, marzipan or jam and topped with a chocolate glaze. The more modern version is a large cream cake made of lamination pastry with whipped cream, vanilla cream, soft berry mousse or jam and with a glazed topping. More recently, these familiar sights have been joined by semlor, the Swedish equivalent of fastelavnsboller, that are starting to appear in some of the hippest patisseries in Copenhagen.

So which of these buns is the real thing? Does it matter? We love them all.

Here are 6 of the best place for a fastelavnsbolle:

Fastlagsbullar at Lagkagehuset. Phto: Lagkagehuset


Old-fashioned fastelavnsboller with a cream filling, a luxury version with whipped cream or a Danish pastry style fastelavnsbolle? They’re all available at the popular bakery chain Lagkagehuset, which has many branches around the city, but specializes in the whipped cream version with a choice of three fillings: blueberry and nougat, cream and vanilla or raspberry foam, or the Sarah Bernhardt chocolate cake version. Some of the stores also have rhubarb and strawberry foam buns.


Located on various locations.

Juno the Bakery

Juno in Østerbro is often hailed as the best bakery in the city and the man behind it, Emil Glaser, is a Swede and former Noma chef. Naturally, he therefore sells Swedish semlor, which connoisseurs claim are the best they’ve ever eaten. Try for yourself the irresistible combination of cardamom bun, marzipan, toasted almonds and whipped cream.

Juno the bakery

Århusgade 48, Copenhagen

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Fastlagsbulle at Krumme og Co. Photo: Andrew Blackwell

Krumme & Co

This small bakery on the corner of Ndr. Fasanvej and Mariendalsvej is a local Frederiksberg secret, that does not look very prepossessing. But don't be fooled - Lise the baker knows her onions, to say the least. She brought her patisserie skills from France and doesn't stint on the good things in life, especially not with her fastelavnsboller with cream, that you can have with vanilla or raspberry cream and topped with whipped cream. She also serves wonderful coffee, some of the best bread in the city and a version of Sarah Bernhardt cake with white chocolate and passionfruit mousse.

Krumme & Co

Ndr. Fasanvej 137, Copenhagen

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Åbent man-fre fra 7-16.30, lø-sø 7-15.

You'll find tasty vegan fastelavnsboller at Kaf. Photo: Kaf

The vegan version

Vegan fastelavnsboller? a skeptic might ask. Absolutely, and we promise they’re just as delicious. Denmark’s first vegan patisserie, Kaf on Birkegade in Nørrebro, has namely mastered the art of creating ingenious vegan cakes and pastries that are a definite match for traditional versions. They also produce a truly mouthwatering version of Danish cream cakes and Swedish semlor. Everything is 100% plant-based.


Birkegade 21, Copenhagen

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Top of the line fastlagsbuller. Foto: Hart Bageri

Hart Bageri

Gourmet bakery Hart is a member of the Noma family and is one of the hottest locations in Copenhagen for bread and cakes - with very good reason. As if their almond croissants and Danish pastries weren’t a good enough reason to stand in line, they also make delightful versions of fastelavnsboller: a classic with a chocolate ganache glaze and marzipan filling, and a cream version made from crisp and flaky butter dough, vanilla cream, blackcurrant jam and whipped cream.

Hart Bageri

Gl. Kongevej 109, Copenhagen

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The fastelavnboller at Meyers Bageri was named the best in 2019. Foto: Meyers Bageri

Meyers Bageri

Meyers Bageri is famous for its cinnamon twists, sourdough bread and apple croissants. But Claus Meyer wouldn't be Claus Meyer, if they didn't also serve wonderful fastelavnsboller. In fact, last year their traditional fastelavnsboller (yeast dough, cream and glaze) were named the best by Søndagsavisen. However, their Danish pastry versions with raspberry and whipped cream, or apple and vanilla cream, are also highly recommended.

Meyers Bageri

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